I was raised Roman Catholic & have been involved in ministry for over 40 years as a Catholic Priest/ pastor & member of various religious communities.  pastored 3 UFMCC churches full time.  I have certification in massage & Dietary Management. I am a published playwright, poet & musician.  I have a graduate degree in Spiritual Direction & Spiritual Theology. Since becoming involved with Reiki over 18 years ago, I would describe my spiritual path more as Buddhist & enjoy working one on one or in small groups mentoring. I have been attuned to over 130 forms of Reiki & Energy Systems & taught via the Internet & in person.  Since 2005 I have worked solely with the Reiki & Energy Systems I have developed.  It is my hope
that I can assist you in developing your own reiki/energy system that is unique to you.
 I offer my assistance as a Mentor who will walk with you on this path of discovery side by side offering my experience & insights but ultimately it is you that will accept & integrate that which resonates within your heart/intuition.  For me spirituality is central that is your unique experience & relationship with the Divine.  Attunements, Self-Attunements, Mentoring & Abba's Place is offered on a "Suggested Donation" basis...