I began working with this energy during a retreat on 10-9-10.  It incorporates the assistance of the Tibetan Deity Tara which is the female aspect of Buddha.
In Sanskirt "Tara" literally means "bridge, one who ferries across or one who saves".  There are many different colors of the image of Tara for different manifested outcomes, but the most popular are White Tara & Green Tara.
White Tara is the Mother of all Buddhas...
known for her compassion to all and protection from all danger, pain & anxiety.

She is the embodiment of motherly love, all knowing and full of wisdom...
For those who call upon her,  she grants long life, wisdom, freedom from controlling & clarity of mind
Green Tara is pictured as a youthful figure ready for action to all who call upon her.  She is ready to assist to remove obstacles & overcome evil.  
Tara's mantra is:   "OM TARE TUTARE TURE SOHA".

This mantra can bring peace & freedom from depression.

Literally her mantra can be  rendered as:
“OM! O Tara! I entreat you, O Tara! O swift one! Hail!
To be attuned to this energy:
1) spend at least 10 minutes in quiet meditation trying to center
     yourself and quiet your mind.
2) place your right hand on top of your heart chakra.
     in the palm of your hand imagine the sun symbol on the right
     asking it to burn away any hurt, pain or anxiety in your heart
     chakra....say the Mantra slowly until you feel a release and
     warm peaceful energy in the chakra area.
3) place your left hand on top of your crown chakra.
     in the palm of your hand imagine the moon symbol on the left
     asking it to transform any thoughts of anxiety, doubt & fear.
     say the Mantra slowly until you feel a release and a 
     warm peaceful energy in the chakra area.
4) follow the same attunement process when working with 
     someone else....have them say the Mantra with you during
     the session
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