Deep Healing Reiki
Deep Healing Reiki is a system that first assist you
to come back into balance.  After using the energy daily for 7 days you can share it with others, but is meant mainly for self healing and balancing.
I am being reminded the importance of staying in balance.  Events and people may distract us but as light workers our first aim is to stay in balance through regular self healing and meditation.
One can not share with others when you are depleted and in need of healing yourself.

"We mostly spend our lives conjugating three verbs:
to want, to have and to do...
forgetting that none of these verbs have any ultimate significance, except as far as they hare transcended by and included in, the fundamental verb, to be."
Evelyn Underhill 

Staying in balance for me requires regular meditation in a quiet place and checking my chakras to ensure all 7 chakras are in balance.  Placing our hands over the chakras can help you sense to feel where there is blockage and where you need to do some work.
You will find many resources on chakras in narrated powerpoint presentation called 
Chakra Resources to assist you.
Starting with the Crown chakra and ending with the Root chakra these 7 Steps to Happiness share short blockage statements and ways to help open the blockage.  Focus your attention on releasing the negativity and pouring in the white light of positive response to help clear the chakra.
I like to listen to quiet music when I meditate to help the mind listen to a positive vibration as I focus my attention on striving to regain some balance.  
Events in your life may slap you in the face to wake you up to a deeper reality than the chaos in the world around us.
For me the essence of Reiki is that our mind can manifest a new reality for us if we stay balance and clear of distractions by allowing Love to lead the way forward.
The purpose of this website is to encourage you to develop and customize your use of reiki/energy work to best reflect yourself and your special energy.  
One size of shoe does not fit everyone,
nor does one style reflect the tastes of all.
To raise your vibrational level I feel you must at some point develop your own energy potential.
Deep Healing Reiki is just the beginning of this journey that you can explore.  Some find it helpful to have a Mentor assist them....that is why I am here.
Others naturally move into the journey alone but keep in touch with other light workers.  We are all connected throughout the is time to explore that connection to help the healing of all people and our planet.
Join my FB Page Web of Healing, check out a narrated powerpoint presentation called Aspects of Healing ....continue with your regular meditation, chakra clearing and balancing with Deep Healing Reiki.
It is benefit not only yourself but also those around you. 
Remember your purpose here as a healer and Rainbow Warrior....
you are NOT alone, reach out for assistance and LOVE yourself into wholeness....Namaste!