Golden Light of 12-21-12:
After 3 days of experiencing & working with the new Golden Light given to us on 12-21-12, I have a few suggestions to share to help you work with this new Light all Lightworkers have access to:
1) Drink lots of toxins are being released from our physical body as it integrates the new energy.
2) Allow your light body/Soul to lead more on your spiritual path...follow insights/intuition....listen to your heart & feelings more.  The Light Body is coming forward now to lead in the New Age.
3) Our physical body may have some trouble adapting...try more physical exercise...less sleep maybe needed....try staying grounded & balanced...if you experience surges of energy allow it to pass through you and send the extra energy to the Web of Healing or Mother Earth...using a crystal over the Heart Chakra helps
4) Meditate more through out the day...connect to the vibrational frequency of mother earth 7.85 MH mega hertz....listen to the tone, music, or ocean waves...AmAya is a good resource on YouTube. 
​5) You can call this this new energy at any time...allow it to transform your heart & then send it out to others!
8) Share LOVE, JOY & LIGHT more with others....the gift is meant to be shared!

I hope these suggestions are helpful & wish you the best in 2013....remember LOVE is the only Reality !
Here are some additions from energy friends:

Gala : "Couple things which were helpful for me after (and before 12/21):
- spend some time with a nature (every day), 
- practice self-love and self-forgiveness, share love with others, love your Planet...
- stay connected: it's important not just stay grounded, but be connected to the Mother Earth and to the Father Source. (I practice meditation with white Light coming to you from the Source, filling each cell of your body, going down through your body to the center of Mother Earth, and from the crystal center of the Earth coming back to you, going through your body up to the Source....Stay in this energy, stay Connected)
- wear, eat or see something green....
Blessings to everybody!"

William: "Besides the Oneness Music of AmAya that puts your frequency in synch with mother earth, I have found the Video & Music by David Oppenheimer on "Metatron's Rainbow Healing Cube" helpful to stay balanced & clear of negativity.  It uses the Isochronic Tone of 8 HZ (Please note that it takes a few moments for the Video to download...when down it will start spinning & above it you will find the link for the audio....EnJOY!!!

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