I am beginning to reserve dates for Renewal Days with me as your spiritual mentor & reiki/energy teacher.  I recommend 3 days at Love Shack (See info under Abba's Place) with me in my 2bd 2bth on the Ocean & 2 days at Beach Bum (see page on website) for relax & do what u wants days in order to absorb & reflect on your renewal days.....we will organize the topic of reflection together to suit your needs & expectations as much as possible will be customized to you to help you BE spiritually RENEWED!!

Mentorship is on donation basis

 ....room rates apply for Love Shack & Beach Bum
....I am lecturing & volunteering on the island so booking in advance is appreciated. 
 ...Corpus Christi has an International Airport where I can pku or rent a car since it is abt a 40min drive to the island
....3 days you will need no vehicle last 2 days there are beach buggies rental available
...i can take you back to airport(no charge/donation accepted)

...I will list already booked DATES here:
 4-1 & 2, 4-9 & 10, 5-14 & 15, 5-21,  workshop, 7-1 & 2, 8-1 & 2, 10-19 thru 22 2024 jan 16 thru 23

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