This self-attunement came to us on 5-23-10 & is activated by the main symbol on the left which includes the star of David & the Sefirot of Kabbalah.

The term sefirot-the divine emanations of the Godhead-form the formula for the creation of the physical world of variety out of undifferentiated unity.  Their interaction affects us and we in turn, though our actions & intentions, can influence in positive & negative ways the interactions of these sefirot.  In other world for the Hebrew people these sefirot are energy centers that work best when in balance like the seven chakras as the divine healing energy  flows from our head to our feet.

The Sefirot Self-Attunement process takes a total of 10 consecutive days to complete:

1) To begin the self-attunement I suggest to print the symbol & place it on your third eye/the center of your forehead & say "Mem hei shin"
the Hebrew letters are pictured on the left.
Continue to say this phrase until to feel the energy begin to flow into your third eye & allow it to travel through the rest of your body until it reaches your feet.  Repeat this exercise once each day for three days.

2) After the third day your Sefirot will begin to be in balance....print out a copy of the "Tikkune Hanfesh" on the left from the pdf file.  Once a day for the next 7 days you will begin to scan the Hebrew letters in each section from right to left until to feel a clearing of this area.  Imagine the Hebrew letters are like symbols you need not know the exact meaning of the phrase for you to benefit from the clearing energy.

This is the order to use when scanning each area:
1) Top of Skull     11) Right Arm
2) Right Brain       12) Left Arm
3) Left Brain         13) Body
4) Right Eye         14) Right Leg          
5) Left Eye           15) Left Leg
6) Right Ear         16) Reproductive Organs
7) Left Ear            17) Feet
8) Right Nostril
8) Left Nostril
10) Mouth

3) After 7 days all you will need to do is to imagine the symbol is each of these areas of your body.  If you feel a sharp pain or blockage in any of these areas it is best to scan the Hebrew again for this area until you feel a release of the blockage & a steady flow of energy through this area again.

If this self-attunement resonates with your energy, you may wish to continue your studies with Kabbalah
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