Abundance/Prosperity Reiki is a form of reiki coming back now to the planet to aid lightworkers in manifesting world peace.
 Abundance/Prosperity reiki began coming back to earth in 1998 with the shri symbol given to Jane in Nebraska & through the years she continued to work with the new energy. She passed away in a house fire in March 2010. Shri is the seed mantra invoking the hindu goddess Laxmi, goddess of prosperity. In Nov 2003 bro david paul chc in Dallas. Texas was invited by Jane to begin work with the energy & was led by the guides to rename the energy abundance/prosperity reiki with two new symbols given Laksya & Artha. Also the hindu deity Ganesh was added to balance the male/female energy.
 This form of reiki helps one manifest abundance & prosperity in the world...not just material wealth but more importantly spiritual growth, prosperity mentality & manifesting world peace in our lifetime. Gratitude is the key in helping the mind manifest the new goals of abundance & prosperity in one's life...as we say together our mantra "I AM gratitude, I AM abundance, I AM prosperity." Please read ebook "A Pocket Full of Money" first & then download the manual from link under images

Kabbalah literally means "to receive". Kabbalah predates any religion or theology. It was given to humankind by the Creator, without any prerequisters or preconditions. According to kabbalistic teachings, the universe operates according to certain supremely powerful principles. By learning to understand & act in accordance with these precepts, we will vastly improve our lives today & ultimately we will achieve true fulfillment for ourselves & for all humanity. Simply put, Kabbalah gives you the tools you need to achieve happiness, fullfillment, & to bring the Light of the Creator into your life. It is the way to gain the peace & joy you want & deserve at the very core of your being.
Kabbalah began in the first century and continues today as a system of jewish theosophy, mysticism & thaumaturgy marked by the belief in creation through emanation. It practices mystical insight, spiritual meaning, direct communication with god, belief in reincarnation & pantheistic evolution. Since it practices thaumaturgy/miracles reiki can aid in the healing process. With such a rich tradition of thought & esoteric teachings, we limit our study only to the healing aspect of Kabbalah & how that can be combined with reiki to aid in the healing of ourself & others.
 On 3-27-04 the reiki guides assisted with the development of the manual for "Kabbalah Healing Reiki" & an attunement process. Email dbenzshawel@yahoo.com to register for the attunement and receive an email copy of the manual.
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