Personalized Reiki Energy:
As an Energy Mentor my purpose in life is to help other Light Workers find their own
Personal Reiki Energy.  By this I mean a Reiki/Energy that is unique to you that is authentic with your spiritual path reflects your connection to the Source.  It is my belief that as we grow as Light Workers, many will wish to move beyond the existing forms of Reiki/Energy and find a system that better reflects who they are.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I believe our planet Mother Earth is crying out for more Light Workers that work with their own unique form of Reiki/Energy.

When I first received my attunement to Reiki, I felt a light switched turn on that increased my interest in learning about many different forms of Reiki and Energy Systems.  I also found that Reiki increased my interest in exploring Buddhism as a new path of spirituality.  I quickly learned and began teaching in person and through the Internet, but after having literally a wall full of certificates I found I hungered for something more.  I explained to my students that one begins with Usui Reiki as a foundational understanding but we build on this foundation with other forms of Reiki and Energy systems to open our "Light Channel"  that is the Channel that run through all our chakras connecting the Universe with Mother Earth.  Each form of Reiki/Energy was like an instrument that added their unique voice to a syphony.

What was I missing then?  The Guides suggested I explore new forms of Reiki/Energy that better resonate with my interests/spiritual paths.  This is how the process began in sharing new forms of Reiki/Energy and no longer passing on attunements to other Reiki/Energy systems...for me I felt I needed to be true to myself and pass on attunements to systems that most resonate now with me.  From these yahoo groups I then founded this website to pass on this knowledge and experience to others as well as mentor other Light Workers who wished to explore their own personal Reiki Energy.

Now is the time Mother Earth needs more LIght Workers come forward to discover and esplore these Personal Reiki Energy to help heal/balance the planet and increase the planet's vibrational frequency to be more in tune with the Universe.  Please see the contact page on how to reach us to assist you....thank you for visiting us, check out our Blog and guest page also.

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Learning Self Care
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