Love Light Spirituality:
Have you ever wondered what to check with they ask your "Religion" status and since nothing really fits you check "Other"? Later when asked what is an "other religion" you try to explain you are more 
"spiritual" than religious and leave it at that?  Love Light Spirituality is my exploring to explain to myself and you what my spirituality is.  I was raised Roman Catholic but did not have a spiritual experience until I joined the Jesus People which led me into an Assembly of God church and eventually into the Charismatic Renewal.  I want to be an instrument of change in the Roman Catholic church so studied to be a Priest but when I finally came out as a gay person I was only able to find an Old Catholic Church that would ordain me.  That was 30 yrs ago now and even when I was a pastor of 3 UFMCC's for 5 years full time, I did not find my place in Religion and so began to explore my spirituality through my Masters Degree in Spiritual Direction & Spiritual Theology.  13 years ago I was introduced to Reiki which began an exploration into Buddhism.  (See God Dilemma Tab for a play I wrote about these experiences).  In a nutshell I am NOT a believer in Religion for MYSELF and NOT wanting to be part of Organized group Leader meetings...I pursue a spiritual path following the example of Buddha to find enLIGHTenment!
I believe that Buddhism has to integrate into a new culture respecting the new cultures beliefs, thought, ideas and concepts and not just drag along a different cultures (ie impose East approach to West) dogma, cultural practice & beliefs into the new culture.  To be authentic it must be a ground level understanding based on THAT NEW CULTURE.
For me Love Light Spirituality is my term to begin this new growth for me, to encourage others to reclaim their own unique spiritual path NOT to imitate mine but to find the language to express theirs.  This process is what I am passionate about and why I set up this website and add new pages inspire and to mentor others to enter into this process of spiritual self discovery.
So for the curious,  my spirituality is heart based which I believe is the heart of the soul and the source where we send message to the brain and the body as well as energy out to others.  The strongest vibrational energy we send out is LOVE & is the greatest healing force there is.  LOVE connects us on all levels with other life & the universe.  We are here to evolve into the Light Beings we are only living for a short time in human form...we learn, live and move on as we evolve giving loving compassionate service freely to all we meet.


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Lightworkers is the time to awaken by opening to the Light.  Now is the time to listen to your heart & let Love lead.  Now is the time to share love energy light freely for all.....