SaSu (pronounced SAY-SUE) Releasing Energy became available to us on 7/17/2010 and is a form of Energy to assist us in releasing negativity from our body as well as bad Karma. 

Often as Lightworkers we may come upon situations where we can feel that negativity or bad energy from others become attached to us.  We may notice a sore muscle all of a sudden, a sinking feeling, suddenly feel sleepy or angry. It is best to try to release this bad Karma as soon as possible so that it does not build up in our system which may lead to chronic pain or disease.

Above is the symbol to use when picturing the energy...this dolphin is full of spirals & hearts to aid us in finding the source of the discomfort, releasing it and returning it to the white light of good Karma in which all negativity is burned away.

In the past dolphins may have been thought to be mermaids when they tried to rescue people from drowning in the may they assist us in releasing negative energy from ourselves.....
I suggest purchasing two FLUORITE CRYSTALS  to aid in using this energy esp. green/purple colors.  These crystals should fit in the palm of your hand comfortably.

Fluorite is highly protective both psychically and physically as well as being a stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.  It promotes spiritual/psychic wholeness, development, truth, protection and peace.  It helps one meditate and learn to go past the "chatter" that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate.  It can help get rid of mental blocks and similiar mental issues.  Physically it helps general health throughout the body. 

It is suggested to clear the crystals often if in regular salt bath, laying it outside in the sun or outside overnight in the full moon light.

1) Begin with a quiet meditation in a comfortable position with a fluorite crystal in palm of both hands.  Do a mental scan of your body from the top of your head to your feet to see if there are areas of discomfort.

2) Imagine the SaSu Symbol at the top of your head & ask SaSu to go to the source of the negativity in your body & to release it back into the white light.

3) As you breathe in say/think "Sa (pronounced SAY) as the symbol enters your body & quickly swims to the source of the negativity.  Hold your breath for a moment as the negativity is released and then say/think "Su (pronounced SUE) as the symbol pushes the negativity out of your body through the top of your head as it is burnt up in the white light of good Karma.

4) Stay with one area of discomfort as many times as needed until you feel a release and lightness in this area before moving to another area to work on.

5) If you feel a difficulty in releasing an area it may help to put the fluorite crystals directly on top of this area to aid in it's release and balancing.

6) Once you have cleared all areas in your body you identified with your first mental scan...continue in quiet meditation for a few moments in gratitude for the assistance of SaSu in releasing the negativity in your body.


1) Use the SaSu Releasing Energy daily for 7 days on yourself...this will help you become in touch with your body and how negativity may attach itself to you as well as the feeling as it is released.

2) As soon as you feel a discomfort of negativity attaching itself to you ask for SaSu's assistance in releasing it right away.  Go back to this area later when you are in your daily meditation practice.

3) After using it for a week on yourself, you may try to share it with others.
Remember to always start with a scan of the person's body first and then ask them if there are any areas of discomfort they wish you to work on.

4) If there is a problem in releasing an area place the Fluorite crystal directly on the may wish to hold the crystals in your hands over the area or have the person you are working with hold the crystals.

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If this form of energy resonates with you,  I would suggest to also study Dolphin Triology Reiki that combines Dolphins, Whales and Orcas energy with Reiki.

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