Waves of Bliss:
I have been always attracted to ocean waves & have been working lately on blending this attraction with a form of energy of "Bliss": supreme happiness, joy & contentment.  Since much of our planet is water & much of our body is liquid, we should consider how energy moves in  a wave like motion & pulse from it's energy source.  Even just the sound of ocean waves can be very calming & centering...
The taste of the salt in the water & the feel of the power of the waves on our body....remind us to be open to the energy that flows over us on a continual basis.  For me it is relaxing & recharging to be in the wave motion as it carries my body back to shore .  Like the waves there is a ebb & flow of enery....to us first flowing over us ...and then returning to it's source.
To receive this Self Attunement to the Waves of Bliss, I would suggest if possible to have the sound of the waves in the background & relax in a peaceful place.  Call in the enery:
"I invite the waves of bliss to flow over me in a healing & balancing energy" repeating the mantra each time as you hear the sound of the waves hit the shore.....when you have reached a point of Bliss then add
"I release the Waves of Bliss to flow back to its source to heal & balance our mother earth" as the sound of the waves retreat from shore.
May you experince this energy as a source of Bliss & healing not only for yourself but for our planet.  
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