Combining the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet with the Seichim energy founded by Patrick Ziegler for healing & wholeness, this system was founded by bro david paul chc on 2-6-05.

We do recomend that you are an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher & have received the Seichim attunement first, before this attunement. In the file section you will find info for the Seichim attunement which I believe is self-attuning with with no symbols or using the Fusion Reiki symbol. If you self attune using either method, please share you experience with the group before starting preparation for the Sekhmet-Seichim attunement.

This group provides background information in the file, photo, and links sections.... to register for the attunement, manual & class please the file section.

A donation for the Attunement can be made through PayPal on the website
This form of energy combines the 72 Names of God with a new energy system founded by bro david paul chc 3-18-06.

It is hightly recomended to first take the attunements for Kabbalah Healing Reiki & Kabbalah Reiki for this system to have full effect. See the Links section for the yahoo group "Kabbalah Healing Reiki" to register for these attunements.

To prepare for the attunement to this energy, we recomended you purchase a copy of the book "72 Names of God Technology of the Soul" by Yehuda Berg. See the file or links section for info on how to purchase.

After you have finished reading the book, you may then register for the class (see the file section "how to register for the attunement).

After you have registered for the class you will be contacted by a teacher who will send you the attunement manual to begin the attunement process.

A donation for the Attunement can be made through PayPal on the website