Tonglen Clearing Energy:
This energy system has been under development over this last month (6/10) and unlike other energy systems I have introduced it is a combination of meditation, buddhist & hindu techniques to clear and balance negative energy we experience in our daily life.
(At the bottom of the manual you will find links for a more detailed study as well as a second method for use.)  

Tonglen is a Tibetan word which literally means sending and taking.  It is a meditation practice that originated in India and came to Tibet in the eleventh century.  The purpose of the meditation practice is to help us work directly with our habitual tendency to avoid suffering and attach ourselves to pleasure only.

A "mudra" is a hand position that is used in combination with a meditation practice to help balance & clear energy in the body.
A "mantra" is a word or phrase that is said or chanted to help one keep focused while meditating.

On the left side is the mudra/hand position we will be using during the meditation.  It is meant to cleanse and purify the body.

In the left palm we will be placing the OM symbol which the universal mantra for compassion.  In the right palm we will be placing the lightening bolt/Raku a tibetan reiki symbol for clearing.

Tonglen Clearing Meditation:

1) Sit quietly, calm the mind & center yourself.
    Hands resting on your lap in the mudra position
    both pointing upwards.
    Reflect on the suffering that all beings experience
    and allow their suffering to open your heart
    and awaken your compassion.  Invoke the 
    presence of all enlightened beings, ascended
    masters & buddhas so that through their 
    inspiration, blessing & guidance compassion
    may be born in your heart.

2) Raise your hands in the mudra position to chest
    level...left hand mudra pointing down with OM 
    and right hand mudra pointing up with Raku in 
    the palms of your hands.

3) Imagine in front of you someone you care for
    who is suffering or some form of negativity
    which you wish to clear/transform.  Allow 
    yourself to feel connected to them as your
    heart opens to them in compassion.  See all
    the suffering/negativity gather itself into a mass
    of black smoke.

4) Breathe in this black smoke through your nostrils 
    and feel it travel down into your heart area.

5) As you hold your breath, imagine your left hand
    pushing the OM symbol into your heart as you
    say/chant OM at the same time pivot your right    
    hand towards your heart as the lightening bolt
    travels into your heart transforming the black
    smoke into a brillant white light.  In an instant
    all traces of suffering is destroyed in this flash
    of white light and all negative karma is purified.

6) As you release the white light through your mouth
    return your mudra to resting in your lap....
    breath quietly for a few moments before repeating
    the meditation for the same person if you feel
    there is more releasing needed or a new request.

Second Method:
After about a weeks use of this energy, if it resonates well with you I would suggest trying to use a bell & dorje instead of the symbols in your left & right hand.  Use the same mudra hold the bell on top & dorje in the middle....ring the bell as you say/chant OM and pivot the dorje towards the heart area.

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