Triune Energy:

Since the beginning of time, humanity as it evolved was intimately connected to their Source and Mother Earth.  As we became more independent in sustaining ourselves & having Science help us understand our place in the Universe, we have drifted away from these earlier intimate connection with the Source and Earth.  Triune Energy seeks to help re-establish both these connections as we evolve into higher energy frequencies and new dimensions of existence.  It is my hope that Triune Energy will assist you to re-integrate\ing these connections in your life as an Energy Worker & Healer of our Mother Earth!

Spirituality is making that connection with your Source in a highly & intimate way.  It is you who will decide what works best for you.  I have only a few suggestions that I have used: daily meditation, quiet time, relaxation music, mantras, chanting....listen for that still, small voice within.  I have also found an audio/video presentation called "Getting into the Vortex" by Abraham- Hicks helpful with short 15 meditations and suggestions to connection to the Source.  Find a resource that helps you & develop that connection with your Source!

Humanity has always taken from Mother Earth what it has needed to survive & thrive.  The majority of us live in cities of concreate & glass and have little contact with Nature.  We need to connect with Mother Earth in a personal way....for me it has involved spending more time in Nature, being by the ocean, raising plants & vegetables.  According to the Schumann Resonance research the Earth has a vibration pulse/heartbeat of 7,83 Hz frequency.  I like to use the "Oneness Resonance" by AmAya in music or tone to balance & grounded more with Mother Earth. I aso find just listening to recorded ocean waves or being on the beach is also very close to the pulse frequency.

Triune Energy combines the Self, the Source and Mother Earth as a way to balance out what challenges we may encounter in serving as Light & Energy Workers on Earth.  In "Symptons of the Shift" there are 26 ways frequency and dimensional shifts are being encountered by Light & Energy  there are 26 ways frequency and dimensional shifts are being encountered by Light & Energy Workers daily.  Triune Energy can balance out these challenges & negativity that might happen to us.  To activate the energy imagine the symbol on the right in the middle of your third eye and say "Triune Energy on for.....minutes!"  I would suggest starting the timer for only a few minutes until you can get use to the energy and then add time as needed.  It can also be used as a shield/protection field for a number of hours. I believe all Energy & Light workers need to be connected equally to the Source, Mother Earth and Self for us to handle the changes coming our way as we evolve into higher frequencies & dimensions! 

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