For the last 3 weeks I have been transitioning to a more plant based diet after watching a number of documentaries on Netflix like "Food Choices".**
I am amazed at how much lighter I feel and have more energy...I feel this change in diet also can benefit an increased capacity to channel, clear and balance energy/reiki.
For me I have cut out all dairy, eggs and fish so another term for this is vegan.  It has taken awhile for my taste buds to change, but I had earlier cut out all sugar, soda and white flour products.
I hope you can all share your experience with me on Facebook or Twitter to see if other light workers are experiencing a benefit in this change.
I will keep you all updated on the changes I am experiencing and hope others will also try being more planet based in their food choices.

​Well it has been about 6 weeks being vegan...I started taking a b12 supplement that was recommended on some of the documentaries and it does seem to give me a energy boost.  Trying new foods and quick vegan meals.  Making my own bean dip and hummus.  Trying to eat more salads and raw veggies too.  Morning Star has a very good Mexican crumble and chicken strips.  Trader Joes has quite allot of vegan choices love their vegetable marsala patties and tempeh.  Not much temptation to eat meat, eggs or dairy.  If I hunger for eggs I make a tofu scramble.  This winter will try more receipes....too hot and humid this summer in texas to eat allot of hot and heavy foods.

It has now been 8 months still vegan strong...found a facebook group called plant based eating and hope it will help me to stay eating healthy.  I find that the vegan diet keep me clear and balanced in my energy work and would encourage others to try at least eating less processed food, less carbs, more plant based and try to make a gradual change as they are able!

All continues to go well....I feel much cleaner and balanced with this diet and no desire to eat meat, dairy or eggs again...been eating more raw foods this summer from my organic compost garden....tried cucumbers, zuccinni, edamame this year and have been doing some canning of the extras after giving some away...been eating less textured soy protein and more edamame and extra firm tofu in cold salads with greens 
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​I have also added a powerpoint presentation on Healthy Eating on the right side to click on to view
Healthy Eating Presentation