This form of energy combines an understanding of the chakra system with using mantras & mudras to help focus healing energy.

The word "mantra" means "mind protection" & though it appears as words or sounds, they actually are "life force energy"! The word "mudra" refers to hand positions that correspond to certain mantras to create balance & healing.

There is a 7 day preparation period before the attunements to clear & balance the chakras.

To receive full benefit from this energy, it is suggested to have completed
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

In the attunement manual, you will learn about 4 buddhist deities, their mantra & mudra. In between each attunement is a week practice period to get use to using the new energy & to be fully grounded.

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founded 9-15-05 by bro david paul chc, a practicing buddhist, this form of reiki helps one connect more fully to Quan Yin's love & compassion in a 21 day preparation period before registering for the attunement.

There are three symbols that are used for treatment first on oneself, then others in person and lastly by sending distance healing. One needs to be an Usui Reiki Master before beginning the prepartation period.

The preparation period is done in steps for each of the 21 days & the manual for the attunement is sent when registering for the attunement after the preparation period.

In the photo & links section you will find other resources about Quan Yin to aid in your preparation to receive this new energy given by Quan Yin.

A donation for the Attunement can be made through PayPal on the website