Angel Light Activation:
There many theories about Angels and their involvement in our lives.  This form of energy is from my experience with Angels which can also be called guides or teachers.  For me it is not a reality outside myself but a inner voice or intuition that grants direction and a gut feeling that this is the way I should go.  Some times it resonates within me that this idea is something that I accept deeply in my soul and feeds me.  I believe our DNA contains our past lives, guides, teachers, friends, lovers, and angels.  We need to activate the Light of their involvement in our lives by inviting them in and then listening/experiencing their input in our lives.  Again for me it is not a outside force beyond me, but a inner voice that I can hear & understand better through daily meditation and quiet listening with a clear mind in the present moment.
Our mind sees in images so it is helpful to find an image of an angel that resonates with you.  Something that you find comforting and inviting...a welcoming image that feels safe and protective for you.  Once you have found that image print a copy of it and create a prayer altar to honor all the "angels" in your, friends, lovers, deceased souls, saints, people that inspire you....all of them are part of this one image you place on your altar to honor them and to invite them to participate in your life.
Now imagine this Angel altar in within you on your deepest level of being...your DNA.  All memories of past lives and experiences are there for us to access as well as guidance and wisdom from past lives that we have learned.  You may know your Angels name already or just the image can be used to assist you to turn on the inner LIGHT key to open up the DNA to be activated to assist you more.....this invitation needs to be in your own words and said out loud daily as your "mantra" for 7 days and then silently each time to meditate in front of your Angel Altar.  Slowly over time you will grow in your experience of Angel not be will grow only as you can handle and accept it as a active part of your life.