Spiritual Evolution:
One of the reasons I created this website was to help other Light Workers to Spiritually Evolve....to combine their spiritual path with their gift of healing light to share with others.  Remember Jesus was not a Christian or Buddha was not a Buddhist, they were just pursuing their own spiritual paths not being a part of formal "religion" but creating a new spiritual reality for themselves.  For most of us our concept of religion has not developed since childhood & our spirituality involves attend a church service now & then.  To evolve we need to restart that spiritual connection as a relationship of communication & trust...
We in the Western culture tend to want to go it alone, but in the East spiritual seekers have a guide, guru, master that assist them...they provide a mentoring relationship experience and insight that one can use to help spiritual evolution.  The closest experience like this in the West is called Spiritual Direction.   That is what I make myself available for you....we always have free will, you use what works for you and I am a sounding board to assist you develop your gift for yourself and empower you to pass on that assistance to others.  This is my passion...my purpose for being here....not pastoring churches full time but working one on one or small groups get back in touch with their spirituality and link it up with reiki/energy work... check out my narrated PowerPoint Slide Presentation Growing into Being
You are not alone...come explore with me!  Now is the time to reconnect with your spirituality passion as you share your light with others in loving, compassionate service....
Every thing i offer is on a  donation/barter basis to help support the monthly costs of keeping this website going...contact me by email or phone and we can begin the process of spiritual evolution together to help make a better world and planet for all of us!

Check out my narrated powerpoint presentation 
called Learning Self-Care