Lotus Light Energy

I found this painting while on retreat last October/2010 and have since been working with a energy system called "Lotus Light" which is intended to aid the process of enlightenment by clearing & balancing the chakras through images & sound. I was drawn to this painting since it showed the pod which opens to the lotus blossom.
I believe enlightenment is a process that we continually are involved in rather than a stage we reach as a one time goal.  This energy system will aid you on your path towards enlightenment by attuning the chakra system to work with your spiritual growth.
In each Chakra area is a spiral of spinning energy starting at the root and going upwards to the crown area.  It would be helpful to first take the Chakra Test

To find out if you have any charas that need to be worked on.  Also on this link you will find information on opening & working with chakras.
In each of the seven chakra areas
you will be asked to visualize a lotus opening up from a pod shape to the blossom in the color of the chakra area.
The sound you will be using can either be a bell or a tibetan singing bowl as you say "OM" as the tone is rung.  The way I like to use the "OM" is to start with a "O" as you breathe out then add the "M" and as you run out of breath end with "Ah"!
Attunement Process:
1) Sit upright in a comfortable position for yourself with a bell or bowl next to you & a glass of water to drink at the end.  Spend a few moments in quiet centering yourself in the present moment.
2) Ring the bell/bowl and as you exhale your breath
say/chant "OM"...during this time imagine a ever widening spiral stream of energy (as the image on the left) in the color of red for the root chakra.  Imagine it to slowly turn into a lotus pod and finish by opening to a blossom when you have finished your breath.
3) Repeat this spiral of energy a number of times until you feel it opening smoothly with no resistance or feeling of sluggishment in this chakra area.
4) Now go to the next chakra area using the color of this chakra & repeat steps 2 & 3....always imagine that the spiral stream of energy starts in the root chakra area changing colors as it reaches the chara area that you are working on.
5) Complete all chakra areas and spend a few moments in stillness with no sound or images.  When you feel rested and balanced take a glass of water to drink to ground yourself before getting up.

Repeat this attunement process for 7 days on yourself.  Each day spend extra time on any chakra area in which the spiral of energy flow is slow or sluggish.  After 7 days you may use this energy on others & your pets.
May this energy assist you on your path toward enlightenment!
1) If this energy resonates well with you check out also Reiki-Rainbows
which also works with the chakra system.
2) A helpful tool for meditation I found is a cd program that uses sound and guided image instruction is  called "EnlightenQ or LifeFlow
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