Is God your Ally?

Many people live their religious lives out of obligation and routine with a 8th grade understanding of their religion and little if no spiritual connection on a personal level to God.

 It might be that you were raised in a particular faith, married into it, feel you need to raise your family in it...but in a moment of crisis can you turn to God and have a personal connection and dialogue? 
Jesus was not a Christian but a Jewish man who first tried to fit his spiritual experience within traditional Judaism ...only when that door of religion was closed to him did he leave it to blaze a new personal spiritual path of his own which only many years after his death developed in to a religion we now call Christianity.  The same can be said of Buddhism and many other religious founders & leaders...were they trying to teach us to BE like them to discover your own personal connection or just saying I figured it out for all of us..just imitate me and that is all you need?

Religion is a human institution that strives to incorporate the individual spiritual experiences of many into a common ground of worship and ritural.  It may seem to hurt us, reject us, no longer support us.... is it the Dogma & Politics that we are at odds with? 
Or maybe our lack of our individual  experience of God holds us back from making spirituality an authentic experience for us.

 I was raised a traditional Catholic with the Latin Mass, schooling & served as an altar boy.
In High School I had a spiritual awakening  through the charismatic renewal and the Jesus People...
"I was born and raised a Catholic but I never knew the Lord..." 
was how I tried to express it back then. 

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