Where to begin....
"​I don't know where to begin?"...is a question often asked by new visitors to this website. 
 My suggestion is to begin by first learning Usui Reiki. It will give you a foundation to understand and experience energy healing. 
 I would suggest to find a local master/teacher that can work with you one on one for optimal learning. 
 If that is not possible I will be glad to assist you....Please click on USUI REIKI INTRODUCTION  at top of page & read first....then
I have divided Usui Reiki One in to 2 parts...start with reading Part A 

After you have read the document Reiki One part  A contact me at david@reikiaccess.com to send the attunement .  I will be available to answer any ?'s during the process on a date we select to send the attunement to you via a chi energy ball to be received by you at any time you wish on the agreed date.  For the next 30 days you will be doing daily self healing on yourself....
After the 30 days of self healing you can begin to read the next section Part B. In Part B you will begin sharing this gift with others for the next 30 days 
After your 30 days with Part B ....you can stay at Reiki Level one for the rest of your life or go on to Reiki Level two which you can read more about in "Essential Reiki " by Diane Stein .  This book will be our text book to proceed where you would like to go in your study of Usui Reiki with me.....
a donaton can be made on the Suggested Donation page via PayPal....thank you for supporting this website!
1) Read the first manual
2) email david@reikiaccess.com to send first Usui Reiki Level one attunement
3) call down the attunement & lay hands on self daily for 7 days
4) Read 2nd manual
5) email david@reikiaccess.com for 2nd attunement of Usui Reiki Level one
6) call down 2nd attunement lay hands on others for 7 days
7) if you want more levels (total of 4) get a copy of Diane Steins "Eseential Reiki" & read her Level one & Level two material
8) email david@reikiaccess.com to continue on receiving attunements & to be mentored further
you might also enjoy a narrated powerpoint slide presentation on
Level One Usui Reiki &
Learning Self Care ....just click on the highlighted text