A'ho Gay Mens Spirituality Tribe
July 2023 with the aid of Kenneth Steven Price we started the FaceBook Page 
A'ho Gay Mens Spirituality Tribe as a PUBLIC GROUP

 ( For those who need to be DISCREET/PRIVATE there is a FaceBook Page called Spiritual Friends Gathering which is a PRIVATE GROUP but you need to join my FaceBook Page David Benzshawel and request an invite to be sent to you)

The FB membership has grown to be international & is also open to anyone who is LGBTQ+ supportive...we do have females & straight people in the Tribe but the primary focus of the Tribe is to gather Gay Men together to share their spiritual journey beyond Religion.  We  represent a spectrum of spirituality & the Gay Men who walk their special personal unique & authentic spiritual journey.  We have a monthly Zoom Tribal Gathering on a topic presented by a member of the Tribe & a FB Room Gathering monthly for those seeking a Anam Cara/Soul Friend to share common interests of their spiritual paths.

The Tribe also provides resources to those just beginning on their spiritual journey in the GUIDES section of the FB page & all members share an Intro message when joining found under FEATURED.

We have also recently formed a Council of Elders to provide input & support as we continue to evolve.  Kenneth provides Zoom hosting monthly & developing new topics & presentors.  David serves the Tribe as the Administrator/Moderator.  Both are members of the Council of Elders.  One of the other Elders is Native American working with two spirit movement & the other Elder lives in Wales UK and shares healing energy though Usui Reiki & Angels.

We welcome your visit to the FB page but only members can post or comment.  Please BE LGBTQ+ SUPPORTIVE we do NOT tolerate or accept HATE speech or other negative comments in this Tribe that seeks to be a safe & nurturing space for all seeking to develop their spiritual path... 

As Ram Dass said "We are all here to help walk each other home" 
 We welcome all forms of spiritual expression that is LGBTQ+ supportive & nuturing for ALL.