I believe that life is a matter of choices...and that we do have a choice if we want to evolve into the Light Beings I believe we are.  Meditation is a good first step in the process...how can you become until you know the real you?  For me Meditation is a way of observing our thoughts & see the endless chatter the EGO (Edging God Out...Deepak Chopra) creates to distract us from knowing our True Self.
24 years ago I finished a Masters Program in Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Theology through the Anglican School of Theology here in Dallas Tx.  After pastoring churches full time & burning out I discovered my real passion in life is mentoring others to find their own unique spiritual path & help them evolve into more spiritual people
If you have not read my One Act play called "God Dilemma" & the page "Is God your Ally?" stop and do so now, so that my further comments are set in context of my experience.
What I described is my unique experience which I do NOT see as your experience at all.  We each have our own unique spiritual path to discover but few find mentors to help them develop the tools to make these spiritual connections in finding & developing their spiritual path & evolution.  A Mentor walks the path with you, making suggestion but only you can make the choices right for you!

So if these thoughts have sparked some questions contact me for assistance and read other material on this website.  I am here to help you develop your uniqueness & discover your energy system that best works for you & your spiritual evolution.
Our process is one of "remembering" the past lives or experiences that are part of our DNA structure.  We are made of star dust & we are evolving to connect back with the cosmos as our energy selves come forward into the Light...I have also added a resource in a narrated powerpoint presentation call "Learning Self Care" which is an important aspect of evolving into the Light & also the presentation Growing into Being
It is time to break free of everyday existence and choose to evolve into the being of light that you are.  Start by meditating each day....practice mindfulness by staying in the present moment.  Take a reiki or energy class to expand your concept of healing and radiating positive energy.  Set positive intentions for yourself so that the universe may manifest your new reality you are choosing.  Share random acts of kindness...grow in compassion...BE grateful and appreciative of all the good around you...a grateful heart is open to receive more....