ManYan Energy:
ManYan Energy uses two forms of ancient spiritual tools of meditation: a Mandala & Yantra.  It is best used as a self-attunement after receiving the Abundance Prosperity Reiki attunement & Ganesh Empowerment...just click on this LINK to join the group & get more information.
Mandala comes from the Sankrit word for "Circle" and is employed for focusing attention during meditation.  In this mandala we focus on the cycle of Abundance by first practicing our breath of Inhale with the word "Fullness" that we are receiving and then Exhale "Openess" as we give this gift to our world.  The outside circle show how we can experience this cycle in our life: "Giving = Aligning = Attracting = Receiving = Gratitude = Generosity..."as the cycle repeats itself over & over!
Yantra comes from the Sanskrit word for "instrument or machine" and is used to balance the mind and help us focus on spiritual concepts.  As we use this Yantra we see that the "instrument" is born from a Lotus which grows from the mud of everyday life and is transformed into a flower of beauty and above it burst forth the ManYan Energy which pulses out from our spiritual core.
To receive the self-attunement to the ManYan Energy first spend time using each separately in meditation for about 3 days.  Then during meditation visualize when you inhale of your breath "Fullness" you imagine the pod of the Lotus opening fully and on exhale of your breath "Openness" in feeling a pulsating healing energy from your heart goin out into the world.  Practice this visualization for 3 more days for the energy to full integrate within you.
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