Metta Circles Energy:

Became available on 8/1/10 as an energy to assist sending more Loving-Kindness Energy into our world from our Heart of Compassion.
Metta is a sanskirt word meaning Loving-Kindness and
comes to us from the teachings of Buddha found in the Metta Sutra

In this teaching Buddha is addressing a group of monks living in a forest who were full of fear of meditating in what they thought was
a hostile surrounding.  Buddha went into detail about the necessity of forgiving everyone for everything, to live a life of kindness, with the desire and willingness to protect others and not cause harm.  Kindess is the antidote to fear, as well as to many other forms of suffering.

"May all beings be at ease.
May all beings be safe and protected from harm.
May all beings be met with forgiveness.
May all beings be free from suffering.
May all beings be happy, peaceful and free...
So with a boundless heart
Should one cherish all living beings
Radiating kindness over the entire world."

Another  source of powerful tools culitvating compassion from the teachings of Buddha is the 59 Lojong Slogans.
In the Lojong we will find a way of training the mind through a series of slogans or short phrases.  It is a great source to aid us in using meditation in daily action/reaction of our busy lives:

"Be grateful to everyone.
Whatever you meet unexpectedly, join with meditation.
Always maintain only a joyful mind.
Always meditate on whatever provokes resentment.
Train wholeheartedly.
Liberate yourself by examining and analyzing.
Don't expect applause."
The purpose of Metta Circles Energy is to help us generate Loving-Kindness in helping ourselves & our world to change for the better!  Our human reactions tend to exchange blow for blow but Loving-Kindess helps us put others first by sending out Metta Circles Energy from our heart when we experience negativity in the world around us.  By starting within our heart to generate this Loving-Kindess we send into out with our symbol in radiating circles to help change our world and in the process ourselves!
This symbol shows many different hearts tied together in unity to radiate forth Loving-Kindess to change our world.  It is an adaptation of the Tibetan symbol of the Endless Knot.

1) Begin with 10 minutes of quiet meditation & slow breathing....when you feel    centered and peaceful place the Metta symbol into your heart as you breathe in.

2) Choose one of the phrases in red as a mantra you will use today to send out the energy to others as you breathe out imagine the Metta symbol radiate in circles from your heart to all those around you, to your city, to your state, to your country, to the world, to the universe...

3) Try using the same mantra for one week and send out the Metta Circles Energy every time you experience negativity surrounding you.

4) After a week's use, choose a new mantra to try for 3 days, after which a new mantra to try for one day....soon you will be able to choose a mantra to fit the occassion that you encounter by training your heart to send out Loving-Kindess whenever you come across negativity or suffering in the world.  Be creative and
adapt a mantra that best fits you and your daily life!

1) Maybe you will be inspired to share Random Acts of Kindness as well with others!    
2) I found it helpful to begin my day listening to Deva Premal's CD "Tibetan Mantras in 
   Turbulent Times".  It helps me to be more peaceful & centered as well as sharing
   more Loving-Kindess in a stressful work environment.
3)  The Sept 2010 issue of Shambhala Sun Magazine has the theme of "How to Meditate
    and has a wonderful article "Compassion Meditations" on pp 59-61 that I found most
    helpful in 3 different practices to use daily.
4) Also click on the link to view a narrated PowerPoint Presentation called Generating Heart Energy
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