Chakra Balance Light Column:
What is your Light Column?
It runs along your spine through all your chakras and it is strengthened
and expands as you learn more Reiki and Energy Systems.
It is like a vertical connection, a energy umbilical cord 
that connects to your Source and 
grounds you with Mother Earth.
How do I balance my chakra's?
I would suggest doing daily Reiki 
self-treatments on yourself as well as
daily meditation.
A helpful system found under Self Attunements is
In the yahoo group you will find
a chakra test link that can help you
determined which chakras are blocked
and resources on how to clear them. 
I found this image on FaceBook
and found it a beautiful way
to image our chakras full balanced & functioning
with the central light column
coming up through the chakras
connecting us from Mother Earth 
to our Source. 
If you have questions ? 
or need mentoring please feel free
 to contact me