Reiki Rainbows is a self-intiating reiki system channeled to bro david paul chc on 7-24-05 from St. Germain & Quan Yin. It is available to any Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. The manual is in the file section, the symbols in the photo section & this is a open forum for discussion on this form of reiki received back to our planet earth to aid self, planet, & others healing by balancing our charkras & sending reiki-rainbows via distance healing.

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.I was attuned to this energy in 2004 from my teacher in Australia Willeke via the internet. I tried to question my teacher about the origins of this system she simply called "Reiki" since there are new symbols that are added from the tradtional "Usui Reiki". These additional symbols are what I am referring to as "Da Tanya Energy".
An American tibetan Buddhist nun called Denise Da Tanya who worked with the Dalai Lama while traveling in Tibet was initiated with these symbols by Su Leoung (presumably a Buddhist monk) who was know as "The Keeper of the Seals. In 1965 she was attuned to Usui Reiki by Hawayo Takata but since she did not follow Takata's rule of charging $10,000 for Mastership, her name does not appear in Takata's list of Reikimasters. In 1984 she attuned Willeke's Reiki teacher Russell Carlon. Russell, also a follower of tibetan buddhism & the Dalai Lama, died of Lymphatic Cancer shortly after attuning her to the Master level in 1996.
"The extra symbols given in this lineage are adjuncts which may be used to enhance the energy by the Master and could be used with the intuitive impulse like the carpenter uses tools of the trade" commented Trevor Stephens also a student & close friend of Russell.

 In the file section you will find the manuals & attunements as they were passed on to me. Willeke believed this is a self attuning system involving directly the Ascended Masters.

 Since this energy system builds on the foundation of Usui Reiki, I would recommend that one be an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher before beginning to work with these attunements.

 I wish to share this unique energy with you in the hopes of gaining a greater understanding & insights of it as others experience, use & share this energy with others & our planet. A donation can be made through PayPal on the website
A new balancing, integrative & healing Reiki System founded by bro david paul chc on 7-25-2009 to assist in the balancing of male/female energy as well as the right & left side of the brain. LBR(Living/Being Reiki) is a self-attuning system that is used first on yourself before sharing with others. One does not need to be an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher before receiving this attunement. See the File Section for the Manual & the Photo Section for the Symbols to be used. See the Database Section for Members sharing of their Self-Attunement experience & any insights after using the energy daily for one week.
 To assist new Reiki students, I have also added to the file section a self-attuning Reiki system from Dr. Jason Storm called "Fusion Reiki". Please post to the group your self attunement experience with this Reiki system.
 We welcome your involvement in the group to aid our world in balancing, integrating & healing of Reiki as we Live/Be Reiki in our daily lives.
A donation can be made through PayPal on the website