Unifying Spirituality
I have been working with the Sedona Method for releasing past hurts & living more in the NOW...I feel this method can also be used for Religious Abuse. 
 Many of us describe ourselves as " more spiritual than religious " and it seems people are leaving Traditional Organized Religions seeking a more individual & spiritual path.
For me spiritual means finding common ground that unites us...and is an individual path to our Source so if very personal & intimate.
Religion on the other hand is a HUMAN institution which seeks to find community in dogma & ritual ....it underlines the differences and sets us apart as a special group or denomination.  Religion seeks conformity and rejects you if you do NOT fit into the mold & perform to their standards.  It needs to raise money to exist & tends to be fairly conservation on social issues.
What I seek is true, authentic spirituality and that is why I mentor others as my PASSION in life....one can be spiritual and NOT part of any Religion.  18 years ago after pastoring churches full time I when to theology school for a masters in spiritual direction and spiritual theology.  18 years ago when finding Reiki, I left organized Religion !
We can choose to LET GO of hurt feelings & experiences of the past due to Religion and enter the NOW of a new personal spiritual experience....I am here to help you as a mentor & friend on this new path.  Please contact me at david@reikiaccess.com to begin the experience of exploring spirituality that feeds & supports you in your spiritual growth!
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Learning Self Care

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