One of the practices that the Buddha taught was the meditation on Love known as theFour Immeasurables.  In this practice, you send out feelings of goodwill, loving-kindness, compassion, and unbiased love to all the corners of the farthest reaches of the world, not omitting a single creature from your radius of concern.  If you do this consistently, you make room for the other in your mind, and gradually the barriers you erect between yourself and the outside world come down.  You experience, the Buddha taught, an expansive feeling of love, a release of the mind and ultimately enlightenment. 
I believe in the energy world we can send out more than just feelings, so I suggest that as we are working with this practice our intention is to send out healing energy into the world.  As the energy radiates out from us it also attracts like energy back to us!
 Four Immeasurables:

"May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes.  May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes.  May all sentient beings never be seperated from bliss without suffering.  May all sentient beings be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and anger." Buddha
This symbol reminds us of the interconnectedness of us all as we place it into our own hearts we radiate the energy out into our world by breathing in the mantra through the nose:
"May All NOW experience"
(hold the breath and then breathing out through the mouth:)
"Love, Peace, Wellness, Joy!"
Allow the waves of energy radiating from your heart to include first your home & family, city, state, country, world and then the ripple of waves go out from the drop of pebble into water.  Allow the energy to increase to ever widening circles as you repeat the mantra as the positive energy radiates forth from your heart.  Keep the mind focused on the symbol being pulsating in your heart and be aware of your breath in, hold & then release of the breath.
For me true abundance & prosperity is to always have these four immeasurables active in your own life and to freely manifest it for all to share.
"May I become a protector for the protectorless,
A guide for those who travel on the road,
And, for those you wish to cross the water,
May I become a boat, a ship or a bridge."
Guide to the Bodhisatva's Way of Life 

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