This energy system became available during a retreat on 9-18-10 and comes from my deep respect & connection to the Medicine Buddha whose image is pictured on the left. 

Besides the color of the Buddha what I would like to draw your attention to is that unlike on Buddha pictures his begging bowl in his left hand in the mudra/hand position of profound meditation is covered and is a lapis blue color as his skin color.  Also note his right hand is in the mudra of bestowing blessing & wishes.

AMTRA is the name for the substance inside the begging bowl...literally "sweet dew" or Divine Nectar of Enlightenment and is received through meditation.  This sublime medicine removes faults & aids in healing.

In ancient Buddhism it was believed that illness was caused by mental states that were not in balance.  To experience healing was through meditation to gain enlightenment in aiding the healing process.  The healing process was seen as the conversion of suffering into the aspiration to attain enlightenment.  As there are stages in healings perhaps there are also stages in enlightenments as discussed in the 7 Factors of Enlightenment.
LAPIS was seen in ancient Buddhism as a rare stone that had both curative, healing & regenerative properties.  The blue mineral lazulite has various amounts of white calcite & pyrtite that appears as speckled waves & swirls of gold resembling the night sky aglow with myriads of stars.  I would suggest to have at least two Lapis stones when 
using this energy system.

Om Bekandze Bekandze
Maha Bekandze
Radza Samudgate Soha

The mantra means:
May the many sentient beings
who are sick,
quickly be freed from sickness.
And may all the sicknesses of beings
Never arise again.


Attunement process:
1) Lie down on your back in a comfortable postion,
    place your open right hand on your right leg with
    a Lapis stone in the center of the palm, place your
    left hand facing towards your heart with a Lapis 
    stone in the center of your palm.
2) "Please bestow on me the gift of Divine Nectar   
      Amrta so that I may experience now
      healing & grow towards Enlightenment."
     (say 3 times out loud)
3) Say/Chant/Listen to the Mantra a number of times
     until you feel a warmth in both palms.
4) "As I receive this gift of  Amrta may I share it 
      freely with others so that we all may grow
      in healing & enlightenment."
      (say 3 times out loud) rest quietly for a few 
     moments before you sit up.
After the 3rd use, you may wish to sit upright when you feel comfortable with the energy in your daily practice.

Using Amrta Lapis Energy with Others:
After 7 days of using the energy daily on yourself you may
wish to share it with others.  In doing so here are some guidlines to help you get started:
1) Have the person receiving lie down on the floor or 
    a massage table...holding the Lapis stones in each
    hand as mentioned above. 
2) You can sit at their head area & place both your
    hands on their shoulders.
3) Say the phrase "Please bestow on me..." 
     together 3 times out loud.
4) After the Mantra place now your hands on their
    head as you say together "As I receive this gift of
    Amrta...." say together out load & let the person rest
   silently for a few moments before they sit up.
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1) If this energy resonates with you,  I would recomend to also study "Mantra Mudra Energy"or "Reiki of Quan Yin" listed under regular attunements on this website.
2) I would recomend the book "The Healing Buddha" by Rauol Oyang Birnbaum 1979 
      Shambhala Publications
3) There are many audio of the mantra you can use available on the internet, I enjoy Deva 
      Premal's Medicine Buddha Mantra on her cd "Tibetan Mantra's in Turbulent Times"