The following is the  current list of all the narrated powerpoint presentations I have composed to help you on your spiritual journey....I will be adding new topics monthly.... just click on the topic & it will take you to the file:
Usui Reiki Intro
Reiki in the Medical Environment
Intro to Shamanism
What is Spirituality?
Aspects of Healing
Finding Your Vibe Tribe
Creating Mandalas (part 1)
Chakra Resources
Learning Self Care
Healthy Eating Diets No More
Generating Heart Energy
Restore Revolution
Growing Into Being
Learning to Thrive 
Awakening? a powerpoint retreat
Joyfilled Giving Through Random Acts of Kindness
Shielding & Protection Methods
Healing Through Vibrational Frequencies
Learning Detachment
Communicating with your Spirit Guides
Creating a Daily Exercise Routine
Becoming an Empath  
Welcoming Wellness
Managing Mindful Manifestations
Mandala: Creating Art to Soothe the Soul    (part 2)
Color Me Rainbow
Workshop Healthy Eating Diets No More!
Mandala Drawings of the Soul   (part 3)
Plant Based Eating & Meal Prep
Walking A Labyrinth
Experiencing the Enneagram
Prayer & Personality Types
Go With the experiential retreat
Minning Your Mantra
Embracing a Multi-Dimensional Experience
Mandala Manifestations (part 4)
Enlightenment Triggers & Glimmers
Options for Healing
Just Be: Exploring the Difference Between Doing & Being
Let Go
Growing As An Empath
No Mud No Lotus
What is Woke?
Spiritual Intimacy/God Space 
Finding Balance Between Ego & Soul
Integrating Wholeness 
Exploring the Divine Female in Spirituality
Creating Your Spiritual Practice
What is Grounding?
What is 5D?
Opening Your Third Eye
Awakening Your Kundalini
Seven Easy Ways to Meditate
Communicating with Loved Ones who have Transitioned 
Waking Up