Lightworkers is the time to awaken by opening to the Light.  Now is the time to listen to your heart and let Love lead.  Now is the time to share Love Energy Light freely with all...

Love Energy Light is a new form of energy I am sharing with you NOW as a way for Lightworkers around the world to UNITE and activate the energy grid we all share.  As light is a combination of many wave forms, so too Love Energy Light combines many forms of Reiki & Energy in to a pure and simple form.  For me it is  a uniquely american form of Buddhism.  When Buddhism is founded in another country it is not authentic to that culture until it adapts itself to the cultural norms of that country.  For example Tibetan Buddhism is unique to Tibet but is not but of american culture as such.  As a Buddhist who practices by myself, I am striving to find unique aspects of the American Culture that can be incorporated into Buddhism.  That being said I think the American Culture experience with the 60's Love Generation among the young culture reacting to social norms of their parents, strove to demonstrate the importance of Love as a Free agent, not bought or arranged for, but a free choice that may not be with just one individual for the rest of our lives.  We evolve and change as well as our experience of Love.

  Love on the physical plane is totally transformational as well as transcendent but still bound by the physical expression & emontions.  The Love I speak of is totally unconditional, compassionate, seeking the best for all in it's free service for all.  In Greek the word Agape comes close.  The source of spirituality for me is free unconditional service of compassionate kindness for all.

Love Energy Light is a self attuning system but it would be helpful to be an Usui Reiki level 3 and have integrated my system Reiki Rainbows since you will be working with the chakras.

PLEASE use this energy daily for 7 days to have it completely integrate within you and you may contact me directly at with any ?s as this energy will also make changes within you as the first 7 days you send the energy into your own chakras before sending it to others.
Reiki Rainbows in the resource section has guides to help you identify areas you might have blockages & how to clear them.  The unique as of this energy is that there is only one symbol which is a outline of a heart with LEL at its send this symbol from your heart into the area of the chakra that needs work by saying...."I send Love Energy Light into the_____chakra to heal, clear and balance it's energy so that it may function fully for the highest good of _____.  LEL remains fully functional until this goal is achieved."  Then image the LEL symbol & letters light up with the color of chakra you are working on.

As you feel the chakra clear & balance, you can then move on to the next chakra if you want to work on another, but try not to clear more that two areas in one day...over the 7 days place the symbol in each of your 7 chakras.  Please realize that the symbol remains in that area until the energy in this chakra is fully cleared, healed and balanced at that time...then it dissolves.   If you need to work on the same area later, you will be placing a new symbol there to work until completion for your highest good & continuing joy.

Please send any ?s or comment on this energy system to me directly at  The energy will NOT WORK if you charge in advance but you can accept a Love offering donation after the service is given but it should NEVER be expected.  Give Love Energy Light Freely as I give it to you. 


also available is a 
narrated powerpoint presentation called

Generating Heart Energy

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