Check out my new website:

I am now displaying my art as well as other local artists through the website where you will find the artists & galleries of their art to explore. 

If you find an art piece that you like...you fill out the contact form with the name of the artist & art # in the message & the artist will be in contact with you to complete your purchase, answer any questions & ship the art to you. 

Most Galleries charge the artist 60% or more so that the price is inflated to cover the artist's cost.  Through this website the price will be less since the artist pays the website only 15% of what they sell from the contact form through the website.

So both the artist & the customer will see a lower cost for the art piece.  New artists are being added as well as art pieces on a regular basis.

Support local & your artists by buying direct from them (also see FaceBook Page DP Mandala Art)