The Compassionate Heart Community is a non-affliated, spiritual community without walls.

We are a worldwide, spiritual community connected through the compassionate heart of reiki healing energy, buddhist healing systems & open to all spiritual paths since we believe that ultimately they lead to the same Source.

We are healers freely sharing our gifts to heal ourselves, others, & the plantet. In giving freely & openly we are generating compassionate heart energy being sent into the world & creating good karma for all.

On Earth Day 2009 (4-22-09) Bro. David Paul chc began to share about the Compassionate Heart Energy system: a self-attuning transformational energy system that aids our hearts to be more compassionate & mindful as we send healing energy. The manual is found in the file section. After a week of daily use please post your experience to the group for all to share.

In the file section you will also find the a folder for Happy Trails Reiki a self-attuning system which can assist transitioning spirits. In the folder you will find the manual & sharing about using the energy from members. I also include a manual for Fusion Reiki by Dr Jason Storm that is also a self-attuning Reiki system.

Please join us on this spiritual path of awakening, healing, & sharing...