Living Being Reiki:
I was first attuned to Sei Chem Reiki on Jan 4 2003 and began my reiki journey.  I had experienced receiving Usui Reiki before on myself, but once attuned I sought more & more information as well as attunements reaching 130 different systems of reiki/energy work.  I started a Yahoo group called Living Being Reiki to help teach reiki online to students from around the world. 
 The name is inspired by the document called Reiki Plain and Simple by Vincent Armador.  For me once attuned to reiki it an energy that is on 24 hrs a day so I live & have my being in reiki.  It is nothing I turn on or off but an energy that grew stronger so that in 2005 i only taught new forms of reiki/energy work.  I still help students get started with Usui Reiki Level ( see Where to begin Page).  I create this new page to honor the original inspiration of Living Being Reiki as my goal & passion in life in my retirement years.  I love helping new students online as well as helping with spiritual mentoring.