Web of Healing:

This energy system is available for all Lightworkers to use to advance the healing energy on our planet Earth.  Since we are all connected & probably interconnected, we are linked together on an energy grid or web already.  As we grow in our vibrational frequency as Lightworkers we can tap into the "Energy Karma Bank" where you give in/deposit energy before you can give/withdraw energy.  The Web of Healing surrounds our planet as a way to send & receive healing ...we just need to plug into it.
The Web of Healing can be imagined as a grid as on the top picture or as a pattern on the left called the "flower of life".  Choose one that most resonates with you as a way to picture the way we are all connected on our earth.
In fact the web is a pulsating 3D energy that surrounds & connects us to each other....we all can add or remove energy from the Web of Healing as it is needed by becoming a part of the Web of Healing itself.
The first step would to strive to make sure all your chakra/energy centers in your body are in balance, fully open and flowing with energy...if not sure check out "Reiki Rainbows" for resources to learn more about chakras and how they best function.
Now that your chakras are balanced while in a quiet meditative state connect with the "Web of Healing" by setting the intention "I am a channel for Healing!"  You might need to repeat this mantra a number of times until you find a peaceful state surrounds you.  As you see yourself as part of the Web fully connected... send out healing energy from yourself to the web...for me it feels like a pulse or flow of breath.  Rest in the stillness of this intimate energy exchange before stating a request for healing to be sent out from the Web for/name the request...the Web will send out the necessary energy to assist this request for as long as needed for their highest good!
As we connect to the Web of Healing more often it will naturally occur during the day.  Allow gratitude to flow out fom you as you give energy to the Web and it flows back to you with blessings & healing.  We can heal our planet as Lightworkers... unite in sharing energy freely for the benefit of all....balance can return to our garden planet as more Lightworkers tune in & enter the Web of Healing.  We can create a new & more positive reality by beginning to make the change with ourself....one day at a time....one person at a time...allow the ripple of energy to flow out to all!
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