Star DNA Activation
Star DNA Activation is a self-attuning energy system that activates that part of our DNA that comes from our Star visitors who have visited our planet over the ages to assist in the advancement of our civilization.  If you look at the history of many ancient cultures, you will read of accounts of gods who have visited us from the stars to aid us in our development
The Star DNA Activation is a self-attuning energy system which began its development on May 1, 2010.  This energy seeks to activate that part of the DNA within us that comes from Star Visitors to our planet.  If you look at the history of many ancient cultures of our planet, you will find many accounts of gods/visitors from the stars who came to assist us in our development and growth.  I believe we can awaken the parts of our DNA that come from these Star visitors integrating themselves to assist our humanity to improve and reach it's spiritual potential.
Star DNA Activation Self Attunement: 
1.   Use either the matrix grid on the left or the star hexagon on the right as a
      symbol to meditate on while saying:

 "I now activate the Star DNA within myself to aid in my advancement and development as a Lightworker to assist our planet and civilization to reach our full spiritual potential."

2.   Enter into the symbol you choose and become one with the symbol...feel it radiating
      outward from your third eye as on the image below.

3.   Repeat this mantra three times and spend at least 10 minutes in quiet meditation
     gazing on the symbol you choose to use.

4.  To fully activate repeat this self-attunement daily for one will connect you to 
      a net of light between all Lightworkers around the world as in the image below.

It is my intention that as more Lightworkers use this energy system that we will be interconnected as an active energy grid to assist our planet in its growth & development.  May it assist you in reaching your spiritual potential & aid others on their spiritual path.