Opening The Third Eye:
I was asked recently by a new student to assist them in "opening their third eye".  My first question back was to find out their Reiki experience & how often they used Reiki in their daily life.  Also it helped to define what exactly their were asking to attempt.  Many seem to rush into awakening their third eye without even having their Reiki attunements settle in.  It takes time & experience for this to occur for me it is not something to be rushed into or forced to happen.  First identify what the student is really seeking to receive & how they perceive it.
The Third Eye connects us to the Universe to "see" life from a new perspective often involving intuition and increased psychic abilities.  For me this naturally developed over time and also included connecting with my Reiki Guides as well as a sensitivity to those around me.  I found it helpful to meditate daily to stay grounded as well as protecting/shielding myself from negativity and other's energy.  Over time these abilities grew & developed as I worked with Reiki on a regular basis & worked with students in person & over the Internet.
I think best to start by activating the Third begin the process have the intention to seek to be connected to your Reiki Guides & begin to trust/explore your "gut feelings"/Intuition more as you work with Reiki.  Sometimes it begins as simply by saying that "I feel that there is some blockage in this chakra...." the person you are working on may confirm it and may wish to share what is happening in their life to expand on your sharing.  Invite your Reiki Guides to assist you when you practice your Reiki on yourself & others....they will come in when may take time to fully perceive thembut know they are there to assist you.
I found that is helps to develop a "Mutual Intention Partner" (see website index page) and also have a regular person to share insights with besides your Reiki Teacher.  My experience is that I work from personal knowledge of Reiki/hands on that is and develop ideas that others share that "resonate within me".  Opening the Third Eye may take time to develop the sensitivity just as some do not "feel" the energy flow of Reiki in their hands right away after their attunements.  Be open to new experiences that will come your way and ask for your Reiki Guides to become known to you & assist you each time you share this precious gift of Reiki!
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